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    The purpose at Hart Chiropractic is to provide chiropractic adjustment for a condition known as vertebral subluxation. This condition occurs when a spinal bone (vertebra) gets a bit out of alignment and disturbs spinal nerve function. This is unhealthy because the nerves control so many functions in the body. 

    Adjustment of vertebral subluxation helps to improve function of the spine and nerves, which in turn promotes self-healing in the patient. 

    About Dr. Hart

    • Palmer Graduate, 1981
    • Master's degree in health science,  2006, Nova Southeastern University
    • Certificate in applied biostatistics, 2012, University of Washington
    • Chiropractic professor for 22 years, in research and teaching at Sherman College of Chiropractic 
    • 100+ scientific publications and conference presentations
    • Avid runner


    Dr. Hart checks nerve function to see if the patient needs an adjustment with the use of:

    a. Skin temperature analysis (shown in picture)  

    b. Resting heart rate

    c. Heart rate variability

    To check spinal alignment, Dr. Hart uses palpation, and if indicated, on-site digital x-ray.

    Spinal Adjustment

    Adjustment of the spine is given when testing indicates the presence of nerve disturbance and spinal misalignment. 

    Emphasis is given to the upper cervical region, since this area of the spine has more nerve fibers than any other spinal region. 

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    Evenings and Saturday appointments available by request. 

    House calls, a long lost art in health care these days, are also available by request - for those who may have difficulty in getting around town.

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