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The purpose of care at Hart Chiropractic is to improve spinal function and improve nervous system health.

About Dr. Hart

  • Palmer Graduate, 1981
  • Master's degree in health science,  2006, Nova Southeastern University
  • Certificate in applied biostatistics, 2012, University of Washington
  • Chiropractic professor for 22 years, in research and teaching at Sherman College of Chiropractic 
  • 100+ scientific publications and conference presentations
  • Avid runner


The main testing Dr. Hart performs pertains to nerve function, using skin temperature (as shown in the photo) and heart rate to check the patient's neurological fitness. 

Dr. Hart has developed a method where he teaches his patients who are interested, to accurately take their own resting pulse rates (RPR). Dr. Hart combines the patient's self-measured RPR with the RPR he obtains in the office as a method of monitoring neurological health and effectiveness of his care. Here is one of Dr. Hart's projects where his method was applied:

Hart J. Neurological change according to resting pulse rate following chiropractic care: A case series. The Internet Journal of Neurology 2016; 19(1). Journal website where free full text of paper is available:  https://ispub.com/IJN/19/1 

To check spinal alignment, Dr. Hart uses palpation, and if necessary, on-site digital x-ray to see if a vertebra (backbone) is out of alignment. 

Spinal Adjustment

Adjustment of the spine is given when testing indicates: a) the presence of nerve disturbance, and b) misalignment of a backbone (vertebra). 

Focus is given to the upper cervical region, since this area of the spine has more nerve fibers than any other area of the spine. 

One of the guiding principles in Dr. Hart's care is to give as few adjustments as possible, ideally only one adjustment. Follow-up periodic check-ups, as are done in dentistry, are recommended to see how well an adjustment is holding.

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John Hart, DC, MHSc

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